About Us

Springdale United Methodist Church is a small but stable and prospering church with a long history. Although Warren Township New Jersey has seen significant residential and commercial development in recent years, the church still retains the atmosphere of rural simplicity

The present members and constituents come from a wide variety of religious backgrounds, including Presbyterian, Baptist, Roman Catholic, and Eastern Orthodox. Some people who attend our worship service are not in New Jersey every weekend, but they come when they can.

In addition to regular Sunday worship service and Sunday School, the church organization provides various opportunities for community and social service.

This church has evolved an outlook whereby no person is pressured to contribute any amount of time or money to the church. It is up to every individual to determine what level of involvement is suitable and possible. We mention this information because some people hesitate to come to a church because they feel if they attend the service they will be expected to put in a lot of time on church activities, and their time is already obligated to other family and community activities. An association with Springdale that involves only attending the Sunday morning service is welcome.

All are particularly invited to come to the Sunday morning service. For many years Springdale’s motto has been “All Are Welcome.”